• Oscilloscope, stepper motor and control
Oscilloscope, stepper motor and control

Stepper Motor Music

Did you ever wonder how people get stepper motors to play a tune? I needed to test some motors, so I figured I need to figure out how to do that… and have fun at the same time. So how do you do that? Well. It’s simple, if you have a stepper motor controller that accepts […]

The Multimedia CNC

The next “weekend project” is to build a 3 axis robot that can laser cut fabric, and move a piece of fabric synchronised with a sewing machine for semi automatic sewing. The working title is “Multimedia CNC“.  In order to get all of this going, several custom parts are needed, such as a small, cooled, […]

The “no everything cake”

We have a couple of friends who like to eat cake.  So we were thinking to bake one for all of us. But that’s easier said than done. One does not eat sugar, we don’t eat eggs, someone doesn’t eat dairy and the last one does not eat gluten… That basically means we cannot use […]