Install ROS on Up Squared x86 64 single board computer

This article describes how to run ROS on the Up2 board for use with the TurtleBot3 Set up OS 1. Install Ubuntu 16.04.3 1.1 Agree to UEFI install 1.2 Erase disk and install ubuntu wget sudo apt-key add RPM-GPG-GROUP-ilg sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get upgrade wget sudo dpkg -i intel*.deb #this will […]

ReprapFirmware with 17 point bed levelling. Complete overkill

9 point bed levelling was not enough apparently. As the layer height decreases for better prints, the 9-point routine described before was not good enough. The next easiest and logical step was to increase it to 17 points. This method will immediately become obsolete once the final release v1.18.1 of David Crocker’s firmware comes out, […]

Sourdough Bread Calculator

It is a misconception that baking bread is time consuming. In fact, the time spent working on the bread is less than taking the car to a shop that is 1 mile away. Starter The starter is a yeast/lactobacillus culture. Since these microbes are everywhere around us, it does not take any effort to make […]

9-point bed levelling reprap firmware

In the dc42 fork of the reprap firmware, there is a 5 point bed levelling routine for traditional cartesian printers. However, my bed is relatively big and warped in weird ways. I needed more points to level the bed properly. I made the following changes to version 1.13 of David Crocker’s firmware to allow 9-point bed levelling, where the 9 points are arranged like this:

Filament 3D Printing Temperatures

I use a 5mm brushed aluminium bed (not anodised), equipped with a silicon heater glued to the bottom. So far I print PLA using glue stick and PETG directly onto the clean aluminium bed. Below some printing temperatures that I found to work well with certain brands of filament.   RS Pro PETG white: 235C, 95C […]